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Weight Loss Exercise
Weighted baseballs and softballs come in all sorts of colors and sets. You can even buy them individually, which is nice if you lose one I guess. Most people would look at this product and immediately say it's a pitchers training device and to be honest that is who will benefit the most from using them but everyone on the field throws the ball so the entire team can actually use this product and get results.

In the past weighted ball sets seemed a little pricey. I mean come on, all they are is heavier versions of the real thing. In fact most of them sport synthetic leather covers which should really make them less expensive than their tournament quality counterparts. They are a specialty item though and thus the higher price tag. That doesn't mean you have to break the bank though.

Here is what to look for. First off buy a set. You need to gradually increase the weight to ensure you do not injure your arm by quickly over doing it. Second you should make sure you buy a color coded set. If they are color coded after a few workouts you'll remember which color is which weight and you'll save time picking up each ball and trying to determine which is which. Third get the largest set you can afford. A more gradual increase in weight is the best way to utilize this type of product.

Some smokers who quit don't gain weight

Contrary to popular misconceptions, you can stop smoking without weight gain. In fact, not everyone who decides to stop smoking will gain some weight. Based on studies, some people are prone to gain more weight than others. These include people who have smoked for as much as ten or twenty years and smokers who consume at least a pack of cigarette on a day to day basis.
Among the pertinent reasons why quitting your smoking habit can probably contribute to weight gain are as follows:

a. Nicotine keeps your body weight very low.If you stop smoking, your body will eventually return to its normal weight. The normal weight will refer to your original weight if you have not smoked at all.

b. Nicotine helps you rid your body's water a lot faster than people who don't smoke. If you stop smoking, you might gain some weight because of water retention. However, water retention because of smoking will only last for as much as two weeks after you quit.

c. The act of smoking burns some calories in your body. If you stop smoking, your body will use fewer calories than what it needed before.
Additionally, if you are not careful and take all the nutrients and minerals that your body needs you can put your body at a serious health risk. So instead using a punishment such as starving, to loose the weight you want at lightening speed you should try other methods. Think of it this weight, you did not put on all that weight in a week or two, it took a while for it to all accumulate. Therefore, you cannot expect to lose all the weight in a week or two. In other words, starving is not the answer.

In order to loose weight you need to boost your metabolism instead of lowering it. If you have a slow metabolism you will feel sluggish but by having a faster metabolism it turns the food you eat into energy that you can use all day. This means that all those calories that are not being used for energy are being stored as fat, which is what makes you gain the weight. So by making your metabolism work faster by eating five to six small meals a day instead of three to four large meals. This will keep your metabolism moving and working like it should.

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