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Breast Enlargement Pills

Avalon Essentials (owner and distributor of the worlds only patent pending breast enhancement pill , whole food supplement), is owned and operated by women. Avalon Essentials invented breast enlargement pills in 1996. Our breast enlargement pills are unlike any other breast pills on the market in both ingredients and manufacturing process. One process we invented is called NutriPotentized. We believe this process makes our pills more effective than solely the ingredients and manufacturing processes alone. Our breast enlargement pill, Bountiful Breast®, is patent pending and is the only patent pending breast pill in the United States; we have no competition.

Breast Enhancement & Firmness
We are the only company in our field with celebrity endorsement (Jacee Jewel - Days of Our Lives Soap Star plays "Patti the Waitress") and her own before and after breast enhancement photos and a television interview explaining why she used our product, why she decided to use Bountiful Breast® and how well it worked for her.

We use only whole-food products, (no synthetics) and manufacture in an FDA approved laboratory. Our capsules are sodium lauryl sulphate free. Both Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and its close relative Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are commonly used in most soap, shampoos, detergents, toothpastes and DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS. Click here to read the AJT report on SLS and other information on SLS dangers. SLS is banned from Dietary Supplements in many countries but not the United States. Most companies do not know SLS is dangerous or they do not want to spend the extra money to buy SLS free capsules. We use only SLS FREE capsules.

Our whole food breast enlargement pills are shipped discreetly and we never sell, rent or divulge any customer information to any third parties except in the performance of delivering your package.

Natural Breast Reduction Pills
Avalon Essentials follows Good Manufacturing Practices. Good Manufacturing Practice regulations (GMPs) are used by pharmaceutical, medical device and food manufacturers as they produce and test products that people use. In the United States, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have issued these regulations as the minimum requirements. For more information, go to the FAQ FDA page. We also donate a large portion of our profits to non profits and situations in need. We have a small village we support in the Himalayan foothills of India. We provided the funds for the drilling of a well to provide clean water for the first time to the entire village. Before the well was in all bathing and drinking water was carried in a bucket to the homes. Cows stood in the water, which was a big, dirty mud puddle. We built a school, and a medical clinic, we pay for the doctors, the school teachers, the books and the uniforms for the children. Other money is used as they see fit to provide additional food, medicine, clothing, and supplies the town needs.