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Strength training is most advisable for the development of various muscle groups as there are lot of machines which could aid in any fitness regimen. One should compare between using free weights and exercise machines. Both of it has its pros and cons. However the comparison is required to know what suits your fitness regimen, the best.

Dumbbells and Barbells are forms of free weights available in the market and is the latest construction. Quite many of the dumbbells are one piece, single weight items. Few of them are designed closely with Barbells. They have bars in the mid section with removable weights, giving you an option to change weights. Though this is not expensive, it of course is time consuming as you would have to keep replacing the weights for different exercise.Weight stack machines are of two types; Single , created for single movement, and multiple exercise machine, adjusted to blend with several exercises.

Free Weights
Entire body is strengthened when free weights are used. In most cases, this is effective. Even the work outs with free weights could be done easily. When standing one can hold the free weights well. As the entire body supports the weight, the muscles move quite actively when the exercise is done. It would also avoid osteoporosis significantly supporting bone mineralization. Your body would remain steady along with weight stabilization, as the free weights are lifted. This again would add to the .

Advantage of Machines
One major advantage with training machines compared to free weights is ease of use and safety. These machines would guide towards the resistance paths as they are equipped with right controls. This makes is not very dangerous, preventing the user being injured, trapped or pinched. The stacks would not hurt you, if you don't control the weights. You don't need the spotter's help at all when you exercise. There in higher comfort in lifting heavier weights and would also add to the muscle mass. Machines are prone to human adjustments and that is the sole reason for gyms and fitness centers using them.

Safety factor
The major con about free weights is the safety factor. If bench presses are performed using barbells, you could get trapped on failure to complete certain repetitions. Hence you would need a spotter or some gym peer to help you. One should always remember that higher control is required as you stabilize your muscles. To prevent and joint injuries, total control is required.

Customizing Most manufacturers create resistance machines with various designs and qualities. Often, these are customized for typical users with typical limb, lengths, heights and weights. The machine guides the motion of exercise. This is the reason; sometimes the motions can't be perfect to suit the body size or the limb length. Your body gets adapted to such unusual motions which would make your exercise not so useful or good. You have the option to choose between the two. As a synopsis, Machines would provide you with safety and ease of use whereas free weights could good for obtaining freedom of motion and complete stabilization of muscles. Hence, considering your exercising goals, you need to choose right.