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y Naturally and Achieve Perfect Health

Step 1 - Perform Health Tests Perform a test to check for organ stress,
nutritional deficiencies, and food sensitivities. The most effective, and quick test in our opinion is Electro-Dermal Screening. An organ stress test will show you which organs in your body need to be detoxified, which organs are weak or have a genetic weakness. Many people have nutritional deficiencies and need to check what they are specifically deficient in, because a serious deficiency in any one vitamin or mineral can lead to illness.

The most common deficiency is Zinc and Magnesium. Testing for food sensitivities is also very important. Many people unknowingly consume foods that are harmful to their body. Some people are allergic to milk and it can cause problems such as asthma, sinus problems, or frequent infections. The most common allergies or sensitivities are to wheat, gluten, and milk.

Step 2 - Nourish and Support The only recommended supplements: -
The only recommended supplements:
- Enteric coated
- Essential fatty acids (Omega 3/6/9)
- Green drinks (Spirulina, Chlorella)
- OPC's and antioxidants

Probiotics are the good bacteria in your digestive system that help prevent infections, colds, and flus. They help build up your body's immune system. They improve digestion and make B-vitamins and vitamin K for your body. You are lacking probiotics if you take antibiotics frequently. Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria, but they also kill the good bacteria. Instead of taking antibiotics, build up a strong immune system. You will notice a huge reduction in how often you get sick once you start taking probiotics. Your body is designed to fight off all kinds of diseases, colds and flus on it's own. Take probiotics in capsule form with enteric coating

An omega 3/6/9 blend is very important, specifically omega 3, as it is not easy to get in the diet, unless you make an effort to consume foods high in omega 3. There are many health problems related to being deficient in omega 3. Omega 3 has a huge list of benefits such as cancer prevention, heart disease prevention, Alzheimer's prevention, improves memory or mental function,

Green drink are highly recommended over vitamin/mineral supplement because they are natural, and the nutrients are bio-chelated, which means the body will more readily take them in and absorb the nutrients. Typical supplements are nothing more than concentrates and extracts that have been artificially made. The nutrients in green drink are naturally balanced and won't accumulate in your body and become toxic like man-made vitamin supplement. These super foods are more nutrient dense than vegetables, grains, or other any other food. Spirulina and Chlorella come from the sea, where there are more minerals available than anywhere in the world.