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Breast Enlargement Tips
1) Top in the list of herbs is fenugreek. This item is also good for controlling blood sugar level. Fenugreek oil and supplements are easily available in herbal health stores. The oil can be used for regular massaging of the breasts. Supplements have to be taken every day as per dosage details on the product label.

2) Doing vertical push-ups against a wall helps you get bigger breasts without surgery. Lean against the wall with the help of both your palms and slowly push away from the wall. This will result in a firm and muscular breast.

3) For having bigger breast without surgery it is imperative to have good hormonal balance in your body. There are several items like dandelion root, milk thistle, garlic etc help in detoxification of the body and restoration of hormonal balance. These items are available in the form of supplements and can be taken regularly. Download your Breast Enhancement ebook @
Exercise Tips for Breast Enlargement
reasts have no muscles, only fat cells, milk-ducts and glands. All these are held together in the breast in a web of soft connective tissue. So, exercising cannot help increase your bust size. However, with exercising, you can get a firmer and a more prominent line that makes your bust appear larger. Similarly, in case you have a heavy bust, you would lose some of the droop that can spoil your bust shape.

In fact, all of us know that exercise is good for us. There are exercises for various parts like the back, the arms and the legs. The same way, there are exercises for enlargement of breasts. Swimming is a superb exercise that gives your bust the best shape you would like to have by exercising the breast muscles against resistance of the water.

Exercise 1:

a. Lie on your tummy with the elbows bent, and fingertips facing inwards. Rest your forehead on the floor.
b. Slowly raise your head and boy, pushing down with hands, arching your spine and bending the neck backwards.
c. Pull in your stomach muscles and lift your stomach off the floor.
d. Slowly lower upper back and shoulders to floor to the original position. Relax.
e. Repeat.

Exercise 2:
a. Hold your arms straight in front of you, at shoulder level.
b. Bring your hands slowly, towards your shoulders clenching your hands as though you are pulling something strenuously.
c. Repeat 5 times.