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Breast Cosmetic Surgery
There are many different ways to have your breast augmentation surgery carried out; all of them will require a stay in hospital for a period of time. The usual method for cosmetic surgery involves a surgeon making a small incision on the underside of you breast, generally in the natural fold of your skin. Through this incision the surgeon can either remove fatty tissue for Breast Reductions or insert Breast Implants,
Generally silicon/saline based. Other techniques/variants on this procedure, involve the incision been made under your arm or the surgeon may make the incision around the areola, dark nipple area. As with any procedure of this nature, scarring is to be expected where the incision is made. These incisions are usually very small and discreetly located ensuring minimum scarring.

Breast Surgery right for you?

Nowadays, the cost of this type of surgical procedure is coming down, but it still is a very high cost for many women. In the more rare cases, some women have gone to unlicensed practitioners to help reduce their costs, this is not a recommended avenue to explore, this procedure should only be carried out by a qualified and certified Plastic Surgeon (contact your local Health Authority for further information on the surgeon you are looking to use).

There are some drawbacks to Breast Enhancement Surgery and only you can decide if they are acceptable to you and your lifestyle. The most notable would be scarring and pain, there is too be expected immediately after your operation a period of pain and adjustment, the recovery time for this is dependant on your own pain threshold and the type of surgery involved.

Why Consider Cosmetic Surgery?
Cosmetic surgery aims to change your appearance by altering parts of your body that function normally but make you unhappy. If you're dissatisfied with appearance, you may be interested in cosmetic surgery not only to look better, but also to feel better.

The modern world seems to come under two groups; one reflects upon physical beauty, while the other part of it reflects on inner beauty (mind, body & soul.)

Appearance is an important aspect of modern life. People today not only want to feel good inside but they also want to look good outside.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change the way you look. Some people do this through diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. Some have surgery, especially if they are unhappy with a specific aspect of their body or appearance that Cosmetic surgery could alter.

People with a good self-image tend to function effectively in their work, feel secure in their relationships, and interact positively with others. Self-image has other components, but one of the most important is appearance. Sometimes the correction of even a minor cosmetic defect can make a major positive change, substantially increasing feelings of well-being and self-worth.

Our physical, mental and emotional approach to breast health encompasses all aspects of the human condition. Breast surgery issues might appear physical, but their ramifications permeate far deeper into the mind and soul of every woman. Learning to integrate the mind, body and spirit will help you to make a knowledgeable and informed choice when it comes to finding the best path for you and your breasts. It will be our honor and privilege to help you in any way during your journey…